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The Flow Collective is a space for online yoga and fitness courses, IRL yoga classes, trail running, and events, all carefully curated by Jamie King, a recovering yoga studio owner, master yoga instructor, HIIT & Flow creator, accomplished ultra-runner, and mom.


Jamie first fell in love with the idea of flow, or a flow state, at the same time that she truly discovered her yoga practice, which is not to be confused with the first time that she practiced yoga, but the first time she really fully connected to it -all of it -the breath work, asana, and of course, stillness. She walked off her mat that day feeling more clear in her mind, and stronger in her body than ever before.


As she continued to practice, she found herself in this state more often. When she stepped on to the mat, her ego fell away, and she was able to fully focus on the movements, the sensations, and her breath, without distraction. 

She began to take her learnings off of the mat and quickly discovered her flow state in running, and eventually, everyday life. 


On the trails, she began to let go of her attachment to pace, comparison, and ego, and focused instead on the movements of her body, the power of her muscles, the force of her lungs, and the feel of the trails beneath her feet. She found that she could utterly absorb herself in running the same way she could absorb herself on the mat - and because of that, she could go further, longer, and ultimately find more joy in the challenge.

In everyday life, Jamie has used the same tools to find her flow - to navigate all of the ups, downs, challenges, triumphs, tragedies and joy that present themselves - so that she can show up as her full and true self as often as possible. 

She truly believes in the power of flow - the ability to really clear the mind through movement and breath - as it is what kept her standing through some of life's most complex chapters, including becoming a mom, opening a yoga studio, weathering COVID-19 as a small business owner, closing down her business, running 100 miles, experiencing loss, and dealing with family illnesses, just to name a few. 

Thus, The Flow Collective was born.  


 It's a space to find more flow in your life - whether that's on the mat, the trails, or digging deep in your next workout.

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